The Technology

The Green Drapery Cleaning System uses Eco-Friendly cleaning agents combined with a renewable resource carrier.

  1.   A specialized machine processes the Drapery in a short cleaning cycle, removing contamination and refreshing the fabrics.
  2. This is followed by a ‘rinse’ cycle, leaving a clean and beautiful surface.

There are no toxic fumes like solvent immersion systems. There is no discoloration, shrinkage, or destruction of fibers like other systems.  Even better, fragrances can also be compounded into the mixture for a more pleasant scent experience.

Our technology is built with cotton and synthetic fabrics in mind. This is taken into consideration when compounding a strong formulation for cleaning what is encountered in the field.

*Some stains will require pre-treatment with spotters to attain maximum cleaning performance, similar to other cleaning technologies.

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