Presenting the Green Drapery Cleaning Non-Immersion Machine.

Update your company for the future with an ECO-Friendly Solution, using Enviro-Safe Chemistry.

Eliminate many of the problems associated with other types of drapery cleaning equipment including heavy governmental regulation or future bans, expensive chemical costs, fabric deterioration or discoloration, and toxic fumes after treatment.  No need for expensive chemical capture/recycling equipment, a water feed or even a drain. For over 40 years these machines have been used for drapery cleaning (and even bed spreads) making it a perfect tool for hotels, convalescent homes, hospitals, and other people care organizations internationally.

Additional Benefits:

Compared to other liquid filled machines, there are very few parts to wear out. Thanks to its weight savings versus solvent immersion systems bearing life is maximized, so Green Drapery Cleaning Machines last virtually forever. This also means no hoses, faucets, valves, solenoids, pipes, tubes, drainage clogs, leaks, or constant bearing failures to worry about. It all adds up to consistent performance and greater uptime.

Power requirements:

Green Drapery Cleaning Machines use 220 Single-Phase 20 AMP Circuits (some are available with 440v input).
These machines can also be truck-mounted for on-site cleaning jobs by using a power generator.


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