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Features & Benefits

  Features and Benefits of the Green Drapery Cleaning System: Low start-up and maintenance costs. No perchloroethylene. No N-propyl Bromide. No cyclic silicone. No shrinking. No discoloration. No toxic fumes after treatment. Environmentally Friendly. Does not deplete the o-zone. Low

The Technology

The Technology The Green Drapery Cleaning System uses Eco-Friendly cleaning agents combined with a renewable resource carrier.   A specialized machine processes the Drapery in a short cleaning cycle, removing contamination and refreshing the fabrics. This is followed by a

Registered Providers

Are you looking for a company who is able to clean your drapes with this system? Take a look below for a partial list of service companies who may be able to assist you. U.S. West Coast McNevin Cleaners –